Monday, 7 September 2015

IK Ogbonna speaks on why he had a low key wedding

Nollywood hunk IK Ogbonna got married to the daughter of his son Sonia Morales in a low key court ceremony on June 29, in Belgrade, Serbia. His court wedding took a lot of people by surprise because it was very low key for such a popular actor. In his exclusive interview with Pulse TV, IK Ogbonna gave his reason on why it was low key.

 "The truth is I have not really been a gallery wedding kind of person where you will have a wedding and all the witches and wizard would attend with ogbono soup, egusi soup and all that stuff. I have never really been that kind of person and when I date someone I date with the intention of a future. And I just follow the normal process of trying to find out if we are compatible, if we can fit in. Which is called courtship. So from the day I start dating someone I have a goal which is I want to end up with this person. So if it goes wrong it's either my fault or your fault or destiny just took us apart" said the actor.

 "We skipped a little. We got pregnant before the wedding. I believe it is also God's plan because God gives everything. So the whole wedding thing was basically just to legalize what we had going on, and put some solid stand on it. So that was a court wedding. I am still going to do the white wedding and I don't think I am going to have crowd in that one too" he further said. IK Ogbonna and Sonia Morales had a baby son Ace on June 20, 2015.

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