Thursday, 6 September 2012

MFM did not sack 50 Pastors for fraud

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MFM Did not sack 50 Pastors

Rumours had it that Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries sacked 50 pastors due to fraud but news came to me that it's all an hoax.
It was said that the act occurred in Caaso Region where the Regional Overseer, Pastor Jeremiah Ajibola announced that Pastors under the Region are engaging in fraudulent acts.
It's all a lie and some sort of misunderstanding!
Now, here's the proof from the horse's mouth...

MFM Ministries did not sack any pastor under Caaso Region and it was said that they were 50 of them. MFM Caaso Region only has a total of 17 branches so how did the newscarrier come about 50? Wondering!
Also, all the Pastors under Caaso Region are still fully employed and Dr. Jeremiah Ajibola is Still among the Regional Overseers in MFM Ministries.
It is also a fact that no MFM Region in Lagos State has up to 50 branches.

My people, beware of fake news that spread like wildfire. They're blackmails from envious people!
Here on NaijaTalkative, We feed you with nothing but the Truth!

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  1. Funny how everybody would have believed the first story. Work of people strictly against the church

  2. Thank God the truth has been revealed. We all should beware of false news.

  3. Who would want to steal money in a church where fire prayers are flying everywhere? I didn't believe that news

  4. Ok I've heard. But Can I believe this is not happening somewhere else? Might not be mfm this time

  5. Lolzzz I hope nt