Saturday, 15 August 2015

Gideon Okeke said he has no issues with Tonto Dikeh

Gideon Okeke may have entered Tonto Dike’s bad books when he stylishly threw a shade at her recently.
Earlier in the week, the controversial actress had released pictures of her traditional marriage to Churchill Olakunle Oladunni and expectedly, the news of the introduction ceremony was greated with mixed feelings from her fans and foes.

Following the so many reactions on social media concerning the marriage, Gideon Okeke in his own tweets, had said, “Ha! So Aunty last last marries “Mr X”. Not like it’s stops the rain from pouring tho.”
Apparently, the actress didn’t find the tweet funny as she fired back in a not too coherent tweet saying, “Watch who you are talking to. Be mindful of who you are letting into your life. If you ever sit down with someone to talk and they are belittling and bitching about people they used to be close to or never close to….Chatting sh*t or telling truths that you don’t need to know… Generally hating and gossip talking about whoever… Don’t tell these people anything about you. Recognise that they will do same to you when you aren’t flavour of the month anymore… Some people will try to use you, when you can’t be used/used anymore, the selfish and disloyal behaviour will begin. I say try to use you, because people who are trying to bring you down are already beneath you… No one higher than you in wealth, success, life will ever belittle themselves to stoop so low to trash or destroy you unless you steal from them…

 The people who are speaking negatively about you aren’t in a Good place. Spiritually they are losing out. Let them talk Sh*t. These are the same people who will do whatever they can to try and get people to like them. Never willingly let them into your life unless you enjoy drama. If you have these people in your life, remove them…FAST They will never help your life, just attempt to hinder your progressions.
Her best friend forever and stylist, Swanky Jerry, may have felt Tonto’s punch line wasn’t strong enough as he decided to take a swipe at Gideon as well.

On his instagram page, Swanky said, “A man trying to bring a woman down? My goodness! What is the world turning into? An actor who should be busy going for auditions and trying to get jobs, but he’s busy checking other people’s lives and making silly comments about them being married. A man who could not accept his responsibilities, the female you are trying to bring down is one million times better than you on every level. You need to chill and come back next time when you can afford to feed over 15dogs.”
However, in an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, Gideon said he had no issue with Tonto Dikeh while adding that people misunderstood his tweet.

“I really do not want to comment on this but for what it is worth, my tweet was not done with malicious intent. It was not against Tonto Dikeh. I only said what a lot of people had in their minds but could not speak up. What I meant by that tweet was finally, she has revealed Mr. X because she had baited us for a while with Mr. X and now we finally know Mr. X.
That was the tone of my tweet and I excuse people for not understanding. I know she has a huge followership and I excuse them for the misconception because you don’t know where they are coming from or where they have been in life. I have since moved on and I am part of the cast for the movie, 93 Days, which is a story about Dr. Ameyo Adadevo.”

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