Friday, 10 August 2012

Do you sleep in a Bus while travelling?

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Countless of journeys and travellings you have scaled through since you've been exploring a country or the other and probably gone on adventures. Well, Thank God you're alive to read this as you have not ended your life in any of those travellings.
That's not why I brought this topic! Let's gist jor...
Within Nigeria here, we journey for several hours mostly by land especially when crossing from one state to another and from my own observation, most of these travellers (You Included) journey in a bus.

Now, Imagine when you are 18 in a bus travellinng for as long as 4 hours and then just you and the bus driver alone is awake! Grrr... You feel like you're being set-up huh?
Duh! Sometimes you may be right but other-times,the otherwise. Most people who sleep in the bus while travelling feel they have a long way to go and having a little head-rest won't be bad for the body.
If you ask me, I don't sleep in buses while travelling. It's like an abomination to me and who knows what might be going on while you are fast asleep right in a Cafeteria enjoying yourself (DREAMING)?
I just see no reason why you should sleep when travelling! That you're secured does not mean you should not be conscious of your environment.

Do you sleep while travelling? (In a bus or probably any other means); Do tell in a comment below.

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