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Its another Glorious year and I am happy to tell you it is a privilege to see the beginnig of another 365 days journey.
I have compiled prophecies from two great Men of God will should be at the back of one's mind so as not to be surprised when they start coming to pass this year.

11 Propecies from Pastor E.A Adeboye- Redeemed Christain church of God.
  1. Many cosidered to be absolutely barren will be friutful
  2. Family histories will be re-written
  3. Desperate prayers will get quick reply this year
  4. Some will experience massive transfer of wealth from the wicked to the just
  5. For Nigeria
  6. God says He has surprises both for His own and for the enemies of the church
  7. Before this year ends, it will be said of Nigeria; All is well that ends well
  8. Pray for more prominent Nigerians so that those who see this year may see the next
  9. International
  10. There will be a lot of power transfer
  11. New phenomenon will startle scientists
  12. Pray against earthquakes of record magnitude, tsunamis of record proportion, massive hurricane and they will be subdued
  13. The civil unrest that started last year will begin to end this year.

32 Propecies from Dr. D.K Olukoya- Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries.
  1. A year of positive and negative mysterious occurences
  2. A year of the extinction of the strong man of hard labour
  3. A year of miraculous deliverance for the church of God
  4. A year of divine power and rulership
  5. Some Forces will contend with the effect of last year's burning
  6. Divine Judgement executed last year will bring favor
  7. The Destructive behind bondages and hardship shall bring uncommon deliverance
  8. A year of uncommon restoration, elevation of the forgotten
  9. A year of tribulation for nations against the Bible
  10. A year of disgrace and humiliation of proud and wicked rulers
  11. A year of apostolic anointing in the nation
  12. A year you must key into fighting from heaven
  13. A year of terrible spiritual warfare
  14. A year of intensive angelic visitation
  15. A year of crude demonstration of divine powe
  16. A year of economic dominion for those that hates wastages
  17. A year of all round multiplication
  18. A year of emmergence of plenty of new innovation
  19. A year of horrible and intensive occultic manipulation
  20. A year of progress for those that know their God
  21. A strategic year in the life of those interested in destiny fulfilment
  22. A year of new things
  23. A year that will magnify both success and failure
  24. A year when the river shall swallow the fish
  25. A year when the crocodile will be forced to stake
  26. A year of major conflicts in major parts of the world
  27. A year of geographical giration and marine madness
  28. A year when lot of prayers will be needed to avert all evil
  29. For believers who can key to school of prayer, It is a year when altar repairs will bring down fire
  30. A year of divine announcement of God's people
  31. A year of divine vengeance
  32. A year when the lord will tear the mouth of the lion to bring out what the lion has swallowed.

This one is from me
Year 2012 shall be your year of All-Round Favor+testimonies! Can I hear you say AMEN???

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  1. I know that whatever the prophets, the TRUE MEN of God have said it shall surely come to passed in the mighty Name of Jesus
    Beloved, we serve a God that do not lie and also does Not sleep nor slumber. He watches over his children and surely They will not lack. This Year everything that we the children of God have loss we shall restored in double fold in Jesus Name. This is the Year for us ALL KINGDOM CITIZENS,I DID NOT SAY IT, OUT DADDY MASTER JESUS SAID IT. HALLELUJAH!!